Monday 27 May 2019

Faction Focus - Drek

Hello everyone and welcome to the second faction focus.

We will be using these articles as an opportunity to have a brief introduction of the four factions from our first Kickstarter.

Today we are looking at the Drek:

'Drek' was once the slave name that man gave to the Orc. It was originally a derogatory term to desensitise populations against the race. The name Drek has now been reclaimed and is worn as a 'badge of pride' by every Orc warband and society in Mythrandris. Drek are – wrongly – assumed to be big, stupid berserkers with no wit, however there are increasingly more instances of whole societies – both nomadic and settled. They are tremendous miners of ore and other precious materials due to their sheer strength and endurance, making them highly sought after clients by many of the bigger trade guilds. No civilised race comes close to them in terms of mass or brute might and they are an incredible foe to behold. Some warbands have gone totally feral and live to fight among themselves and the other races. However, more than once an elven hamlet or a human town has been under siege when a Drek warband has come and saved the populace. Orgrek (enormous half ogres) often follow Drek into battle, using their superior size to batter their opponent. Although much more dense than their half-kin, Orgrek prove to be obedient and capable warriors for a Drek army. Large warboars have been bred to carry the Drek to war as quickly as their powerful legs can carry them – unleashing brutal charges upon smaller infantry units that find themselves impaled on vicious horns or hacked down by the powerful riders. 

How they play: 
Drek are a tough opposition for lesser armies. A human soldier would have more attacks but Drek have the far greater power. Only the Corustir would struggle against the Drek numerically and even they would have a hard battle in store. Orgrek are phenomenal foes which can devastate buildings and walls as easily as the ranks of lesser warriors. Drek shamans use many different types of spells but their magic is always brutal to their foe.

The Drek aesthetic is a very powerful and muscular look and the models are about 22mm to the eyes. The weapons are crude and the armour primitive. The troop unit will come with options for dual wielding or melee and shield option – the latter of which can also be used to replace cavalry models that lose their mount. The elite unit comes in heavier armour and use enormous two handed weapons to cleave through the foe. Orgrek are even bigger than the Drek, coming in at around 25mm to the eyes. Orgrek come with large two handed weapons and are optimised for cutting through heavier units, units with shields or even breaking down terrain. The cavalry unit come on giant boars and they specialise in a melee and shield loadout.

As an add-on, pledgers will be able to buy shamans and warlords which will come in Drek and Orgrek variants, mounted (Drek) and on foot - depending on popularity, these may end up as high quality resin.

The Drek tend to be more nomadic – living out of tents, huts or just in the wild. When Drek do settle, it is usually in the crudely repaired ruins of a conquered societies. Although we have the intention to create a full range of Drek terrain – we would like to include our pledgers in the decision making process for this.

To the future:
In the future we would like to add:
  • a cold weather unit with furs to protect from adverse climate conditions.
  • siege units (both attacking and defending).
  • a full range of terrain.
  • naval ships of varying sizes.
For our next faction focus we will be taking a look at the Knight Orders. Check back soon!


  1. Looks promising - I like the low faces and high brows. Makes them look brutal and a bit alien.

    1. We wanted them to look brutal. In fact I think that was the word I repeated most to the sculptor lol