Thursday 30 May 2019

Faction Focus - Knight Order

Hello everyone and welcome to the third faction focus.

We will be using these articles as an opportunity to have a brief introduction of the four factions from our first Kickstarter.

Today we are looking at the Knight Orders:

Knights, from various hosts, crusade far and wide across the lands of Mythrandris. Sometimes they are settled and create vast cities and townships, protecting the local peasantry for a fee. Self appointed kings, emperors and lords often install themselves in these newly formed communities, swelling the Orders numbers with recruits from the populace. Eventually, part of the Order will form a new crusader host and will move on from the original. Most often this is done with well-wishing and vows of brotherhood and fealty, but on some occasions the parting is fuelled by disagreement and hatred - sworn enemies are born in these circumstances. Yet other crusader hosts live as nomads, off the land and out of tents. It is unknown how many Knight Orders there are active in Mythrandris. The purpose of the different Orders are as varied as their origins, some are seeking treasures of ages past while others are determined to rid the world of magic-wielders and yet others have no reason to exist other than to support the community they now call home.

How they play:
Knight Orders are a solid all-round faction. They do nothing poorly but neither do they excel at anything. Their main strength lays in Empire building, where they are second to none. Magic is mainly wielded for buffing or as crowd control but higher tier wizards have the ability to call on some nice offensive spells too.

The Knight aesthetic is very regimented and the models are about 20mm to the eyes – they will come in male and female options. The weapons are clean and well developed, the armour is fairly plain but with small flourishes. The troop unit will come with options for sword or spear and shield option – the latter of which can also be used to replace a model that loses their mount. The elite unit has a different helmet, slightly more detail and a two-handed sword that is effective against groups of people and heavier units. The archery unit is equipped with a longbow and small blade at their belt for close combat. The cavalry unit come on horseback and are equipped with spear and shield options, although the troop swords will also be able to be swapped in.

As an add-on, pledgers will be able to buy mages and warlords which will come in male and female variants, mounted and on foot - depending on popularity, these may end up as high quality resin.

As another add-on - we will provide a custom transfer service for the shields.

Human settlements have a medieval aesthetic – we wanted the architect to be instantly recognisable and relatable but also a realistic scale and have fully developed interiors. The renders below show a medium/ large dwelling in both ruined and complete forms. We aim to have a large range of terrain – just like the Corustir – like a tavern, Blacksmith and merchant shop as well as small, medium and large dwellings. If you have any ideas or suggestions please contact us below!

To the future:
In the future we would like to add:
  • a cold weather unit with furs to protect from adverse climate conditions.
  • siege units (both attacking and defending).
  • a full range of terrain.
  • naval ships of varying sizes.
For our next faction focus we will be taking a look at the Bhur. Check back soon!


  1. Those facemasks and hoods make for a good combo - I'm interested in how you go about the female miniatures. But I'm also very much looking forward to the terrain and how it scales with the miniatures.

    1. We very much can’t wait to design some of the female Knights. We want to make them noticeably female but also tasteful.