Sunday 2 June 2019

Faction Focus - Bhur

Hello everyone and welcome to the final faction focus.

We will be using these articles as an opportunity to have a brief introduction of the four factions from our first Kickstarter.

Today we are looking at the Bhur:

Bhur are the brutal result of the horrific union between man and beast. Aggressive, unnaturally strong and with an insatiable anger and hunger - Bhur are one of the most feared races in Mythrandris. Lurking in caves, ruins or living in huts made of the flesh and bones of their victims, they can be found throughout the wild in great number. Bhur herds can consist of as few as a dozen warriors and as large as a thousand. When the Bhur go to war it is with rampaging Minotaurs and the swift and flexible Centaurs. Led by Shamans, Bulltaurs or Bhurlords the army cares not for riches and gold but only for food, pleasure and sport. They pillage from those they destroy and create the next generation of the herd in rapturous flesh carnivals. Of all the sentient races in Mythrandris, Bhur are one of the least likely to ally or create pacts with others - but it is not entirely unheard of.

How they play:
Bhur are a fast and powerful army. They are a highly mobile force that can cause tremendous damage to a slow or unprepared foe. However, against a well armoured or prepared opposition, the Bhur direct their massive kin the Minotaurs who can bull-charge the sturdiest defence, occupying them long enough for centaurs to flank and assault from behind. The shamans unleash devastating spells in the form of plagues, disease and decay whilst using more natural spells to boost their own warriors.

We have made the decision to have male and female versions of the Bhur across the whole range. The weapons of the Bhur are crude yet effective while the armour is minimal and creates a feral image - as the Bhur rely on their thick hide for protection. The troop unit will come with dual melee weapons, while the elite unit will come with an imposing two-handed weapon that will be very effective against groups of opposition and heavier units. Minotaurs, which will be even more intimidating and effective then the elite champions, are also equipped with deadly double handed melee weapons and will stand at 25mm to the eyes. The cavalry unit will be Centaurs, which will be equipped with various weapons including a short bow option.

This Minotaur is shown with dual-wield weapons but the finished unit will have two handed weapons:

As an add-on, pledgers will be able to buy mages and warlords which will come in male and female variants, in Bhur (Bhurlord), Minotaur (Bulltaur) and Centaur designs - depending on popularity, these may end up as high quality resin.

As detailed above, Bhur tend to be more nomadic – living out of tents, huts or just in the wild. This makes them very similar to Drek in this regard. Although we have the intention to create a full range of Bhur terrain – we would like to include our pledgers in the decision making process for this and we will listen to feedback once we are in a position to do so.

To the future:
In the future we would like to add:

  • a feral pack unit.
  • siege units ( both attacking and defending).
  • A full range of terrain.
  • Naval ships of varying sizes.

That was the last faction focus for this Kickstarter. We have another eight factions that we want to release so we really hope that you have seen something to support in this project.

Please direct any questions to or comment below!


  1. The centaurs look really great! The Ghur might just be the second faction I'll be getting for myself during the Kickstarter. Will there be versions of the centaurs without masks? The render looks really cool for a leader type, but I don't know how a whole unit with masks would look like.

    1. Hello mate! We will be doing a variety of helmeted and non-helmeted options for the unit.
      We love this army too! We can’t wait to design some of the female variants as they will be really awesome!
      Second army? Which is the first one? Will you be going in full and getting a custom Warlord? :D